Your Contactless transactions just got more interesting!

Add your Islamic Finance House Covered Card to Google Pay™ and pay as you go!

Google Pay offers you a simple way to pay with your Islamic Finance House Covered Card. You can use it to make contactless payments with your Android™ Smartphone. You can set it up easily and pay at any Point of Sale (PoS) terminal that displays the contactless symbol at merchant locations. The best part is you can also shop online and pay using the app.


Steps to setup your Google Pay

Before you start, make sure that your Smartphone is powered by the latest system upgrade, then download the Google Pay app from Play Store.

To register:

  • Open the Google Pay app
  • To register your Covered Card for the first time, click on “Payment” tab.
  • Click on “+ Payment method” button to enter your Covered Card details
  • Enter your Covered Card and click “Save”
  • Agree to the Google Pay T&C’s
  • Enter your OTP and click “Submit”

Congrats! You have successfully registered your Covered Card and are ready to use Google Pay right away!

Start your contactless payments with Google Pay

  • Wake your Smartphone up and bring it close to the PoS terminal in order to make a payment
  • Wait for your device to beep or vibrate and a checkmark will appear on your screen

If prompted, you should provide your PIN, passcode, pattern, or fingerprint to initiate a payment.

Faster than counting cash... More convenient than carrying cards!


Features & Benefits:

Pay with a single tap

Google Pay will make your life much easier when you add your Islamic Finance House Covered Card. Just take out your smartphone, launch the app and bring it close to the PoS terminal!

Pay with ease of mind

With Google Pay, you can rest assured that any transaction you make on your Islamic Finance House Covered Card will remain secured. Your card number will never be stored by Google Pay, nor will it be shared with merchants in store. Moreover, each time you pay, you should authenticate the transaction via Touch ID or passcode.

Pay anywhere

You can pay with Google Pay at any merchant locations that displays the contactless symbol. Go shopping at your favourite stores or dine with your friends and pay easily using Google Pay.


To view the FAQ’s, click here.

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